Lukas has been interspersing his design work also as a professional stylist services in all areas for 13 years.

wardrobe sorting
personal shopper
stylist for a photo shoot
stylist on set
product styling
personal stylist
styling for a special event
commercial, fashionable, extravagant and basic
stylistic advice for companies
shopping days with clients in major cities around the world

SS 20

Supported by Finin Group s.r.o.

FW 19/20 supported by FININ Group

The investment company Fining Group, which, in addition to standard investment products, also aims to support start-ups and emerging interesting projects across all disciplines, has decided to connect with designer Lukáš Macháček and bring the opportunity to address new promising talents of the Czech and Slovak fashion scene. to support their talent.
The designer, with the support of the company, has created the FW 19/20 collection, which is a bit back to its beginnings as well as traditional tailoring.
The collection features elements of elegance, extravagance, but also classicism, coupled with unconventional combinations and the rebellious spirit of the designer. Like in the form of sports elements included in elegant looks.
The basic building block is the popular black, shimmer and shine, as well as bold colors, animal patterns and white tones.
The materials include silk, tulle, cashmere, wool, cotton, but also a practical and well-maintained polyester or neoprene.
Some lookas are complemented with leather handmade harnesses. harnessy, which was specially designed and produced by the master of his field, Jasa Gladez, co-owner of the Berlin brand Degenerotika, which is represented in the Czech Republic by Ex Post galleries.


Lukas for this collection to get creative souls looking for talented artists, photographers, painters, tater and students who are on their portfolio posted a net mask and left them to it creatively express themselves. From what arose chose the best ones and applied them to the show instead of makeup or have created prints on basic T-shirts & sweatshirts that complement the collection inspired by streetstyle, 80 – 90´s summers and Rock & Roll. Collection will be online for SALE from March 2017 on


Inspired collections are elements of Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome in connection with the fantastic narrative films that are popular designers. The collection is dominated by silk, linen, cotton and jeans everything in earth tones.


Lot of year cooperation designer Lukáš Macháček with singer Monika Bagarova this year resulted in the joint collection of clothing and accessories.
Monica and Lukáš to the collection put common style and fashion sense. This resulted in a complete capsule collection that includes Street basic pieces, stylish evening dresses and unisex pieces available in various price ranges for everyone. The inspiration was the street of the city for large puddles and iconic style of singing icons such as Beyonce, Ciara and Riri.
Almost every piece has several color options like black, beige, gray, khaki, white and pink. A collection created a unique elastic (rubber), with the inscription FEEL THE MUSIC, which borders every piece of stylish underwear or icon season bomber. The collection will also find two unisex pieces that the wearer can use it on both sides and coat and vest.
The trend of the season are also patches that collection of minimalist missing on bags. Stripes are on every other piece, thereby enhance the originality of each piece.
The collection is available online on or at urban store JineyLevel and has its own Instagram, where you can watch the evolution of life itself, and the whole collection: @mblmcollection


The collection includes all aspects of the designer. There are represented street style outfits, looky evening, overalls and coats. The collection has a characteristic dark designer manuscript. New materials are velvet, fur and jeansovina. The entire collection is complemented by leather backpacks.


Architecture and marble crack was a pivotal inspiration for this collection. The designer has designed a custom design fabric where it was projected to crack the marble floors to the alien designs.


The collection is inspired by street style underground city. A typical manuscript brand is intertwined with layering in the men’s and women’s silhouette.


Czech fashion designer Lukáš Macháček form under the brand name backed by its own name, which goes hand in hand with the tradition of tailoring craft. Men’s and women’s collection was a hint of spice rebellion. Mark confesses slogans such as simplicity, combinable and wearability.
Our main service is: The independent creative fashion show for Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer and Exclusive customer service in tailor individual women’s work and men’s fashion and leather accessories.





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